About us...
Ready Set Grow began caring for children in 1983.  We have provided outstanding care to area families with one goal in mind; to facilitate the development of a positive attitude toward life and learning through educationally based child care.

What we believe...
We believe that each child is an individual and as such needs to have his or her own unique rates of growth and development recognized.  By accepting the total child as he or she is, we can proceed to aid the child's development in all areas.  Each child comes to us with a special story and a familly like no other.  We look forward to experiencing the special charms that make your family uniquely yours.

By providing children the opportunity to develop a positive self-concept, we believe that we are providing him or her with a most valuable tool for creating a fulfilling and productive life.

An overview of our program...
Your child will be playfully interacting with peers and trained professionals while attending our program.  He or she will participate in large group activities such as storytelling, music and games, as well as small group activities that explore language development, creative arts, drama, science, math and cooking, all designed to match your child's developmental level.

We will provide activities that foster emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth.  We stress clear and positive communication, problem solving, decision making, creativity, indpendence and the ability to work with others. 
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